How To Drive Traffic From Social Medias To Your Site

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Choosing An Online Payday Site Made Easy

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Internet Speed And Your Service Provider: Some Advice

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Five Easy Ways to Rank Higher in Alexa

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Brainwave Technology, Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

Technology is helping in all areas of life from business, education, health and medical procedures. Technology just keeps advancing and one of the things it is beginning to really advance in is the advancement of human technology. This means how we think and function and how that creates our world,...

Asbestos Cancer - Overview 6

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Over the course of the past century, millions of innocent people have been exposed to asbestos, a class of fibrous minerals known to cause a variety of cancers.
Often referred to as "asbestos cancer," mesothelioma is the most common form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Other deadly forms of cancer are also caused by exposure to asbestos, such as lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, and colorectal cancer, just to name a few.

For many decades asbestos was considered an acceptable source of insulation, and thousands of materials made from asbestos were widely applied in industrial and domestic settings.

Asbestos was found in countless products on the commercial market, in many factories, homes and public structures, and in a myriad of industries, such as railway production, shipbuilding, and energy production.

For information about at-risk workplaces and products, please see Occupations at Risk for Asbestos Exposure and Products Containing Asbestos.

Of the millions of people who have been exposed to asbestos in the United States alone, thousands have developed life-threatening illnesses, many of which are aggressive cancers. Each year, approximately 10,000 Americans die from diseases caused by exposure to asbestos.

Beware of Mesothelioma ! 0

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Mesothelioma is a cancer that develops within the mesothelium of the body. The mesothelium is the protective covering in the body. It covers various organs, including the lungs. The mesothelium is made up of two thin layers. When cancer develops in the mesothelium it is between these layers. The narrow space makes it very difficult to diagnose mesothelioma in the early stages.

Mesothelioma is a difficult cancer to treat. Once a diagnosis of mesothelioma is made, the majority of patients will not live longer than eighteen months. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the advanced nature of the disease once it is diagnosed and the lack of an effective surgical method of removing the tumors.

Mesothelioma Attorneys 0

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Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The disease might have been preventable had the asbestos industry acted responsibly decades ago to protect the public from the dangers of asbestos. Unfortunately for the estimated 3,000 Americans diagnosed with mesothelioma each year, the asbestos industry hid the dangers of asbestos from the public for decades after it knew of the risks.

The cases described here reflect the net amounts of the judgments or settlements mesothelioma victims received after the deduction of attorneys fees and expenses-in other words, what they actually received. The actual settlement or verdict would be higher.

Specific Results Depend on the Facts of Each Case.
$10,603,661.00 Received by victim after Attorney’s Fees and Expenses for a gentleman who developed malignant mesothelioma as a result of his exposure to joint compound as a construction worker. This case went to trial and resulted in a significant verdict in favor of the gentleman, his wife and children that was listed by a national legal publication as one of the top verdicts in the U.S. that year. The case subsequently settled.

$6,356,942.00 Received by victim after Attorney’s Fees and Expenses, for the widow of a man who died at the age of 50 after developing asbestos-related mesothelioma. He was exposed to asbestos while serving in the Navy aboard nuclear submarines during the 1960s. This case went to trial against the manufacturer of an asbestos-containing pipe covering product. The jury awarded a significant verdict, which was affirmed on appeal.

$4,380,755.00 Received by victim after Attorney’s Fees and Expenses, for an ironworker who worked at a number of industrial sites throughout his career and who was diagnosed with mesothelioma at the age of 79.

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