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Choosing An Online Payday Site Made Easy

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Internet Speed And Your Service Provider: Some Advice

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Five Easy Ways to Rank Higher in Alexa

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Brainwave Technology, Unleashing Your Infinite Potential

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Guidelines to Compare Car Insurance Online 0

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Every vehicle owner looks for car insurance policy that provides maximum security at minimum cost. As policy rates vary across insurance providers, people usually compare car insurance quotes to find an affordable one. Statistics reveals that, when you compare car insurance quotes online of more than 50 insurers, you can get at least 400 different plans. Thus, the task of selecting a suitable plan becomes easy for you.

Comparing auto insurance policy rates online is an effective method to the get the best insurance deal. If you follow certain steps, this search can produce the kind of plan that suits your budget and insurance needs.

Tips to compare car insurance online

* It is very essential to identify the financial coverage you can have from this policy. Talk to you friends and relatives and asses about the kind of coverage that you will require. Talk to those people who own the type of car that you have. This will give you a basic idea on the coverage amount.

* While doing the search, look for the reputed companies only. Reputed companies are highly credible, so you can get the coverage amount instantly after you claim for it.

* The online quote search form will ask you for several queries like your car type, coverage amount, current market value of your vehicle etc. There can be several terms in the form that you may not be familiar with. Clarify all these jargons before you initiate your search.

* After you get your search results, look for the deductable amount along with the quotes. Generally, higher deductibles will offer you lower premium values. Hence, while you are searching for policies, see the relation between premium amount and deductible for each policy. Select those policies only where premium amounts are charged less when the deductable value rises.

* Liability insurance is very essential in providing ultimate security to your car. Naturally, you will need to purchase it also along with your plan. While comparing the quotes, see which policy is offering you the liability insurance at a minimum rate.

* When you are comparing quotes, also compare the level of coverage that is provided by each plan. These are medical full-glass, rental cover, comprehensive collision and towing.

There are numerous online car insurance companies. Such plans will provide comprehensive coverage on your vehicle. Its4women offers car insurance plans online for women. You can get various coverage options for your vehicle in this company. Visit their official website to see the contract details of their plans. You can also place a free request for quotes through this website

Find best car insurance for women online. specialises in providing affordable car insurance for womens in UK and Ireland.

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How NRIs do Online Share Trading in India's Stock Market? 1

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Which Gold Transactions are Reported to the IRS? 1

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One of the characteristics of the gold market is that there are a lot of myths about it. There is also a lot of misinformation, often repeated by gold sellers who should know better. One of these myths is that all gold transactions have to be reported to the US government. This is untrue.

Here are the facts as of late 2010 (this is not legal advice for a specific case):

Cash reporting transation

If you buy any form of gold from a coin dealer or a securities broker or a commodities broker or anyone else, there is no required reporting to the IRS of your purchase unless you pay more than $10,000 in cash (not personal checks), which is reported as a "cash reporting transaction".

This reporting is required for any transfer of cash to an investment account, regardless of whether you buy gold, silver, stocks or a closed-end widget fund.

Anti-money laundering policy

In addition, broker-dealers, FCMs (futures commission merchants) and coin dealers are required to have in place an anti-money laundering (AML) policy. Coin dealers are required to record the customer name for purchases over some threshold amount, typically $3,000, under AML regulations. AML regulations require that the dealer record and hold the information for inspection; it is not reported.

Every investment dealer is required to have an AML policy in place, not just coin dealers.

Proceeds from sales transactions

Proceeds from your securities and commodities sales transactions (not your purchases) that are handled by securities and commodities brokers have long been reportable to the IRS on Form 1099-B as proceeds from brokerage transactions. Likewise, proceeds from certain (not all) customer sales handled by coin dealers must also be reported to the IRS by the dealer on Form 1099-B.

The reporting required by coin dealers is narrow and covers sales by customers of very specific types of objects in a single transaction or set of related transactions, as follows:

.995 fine gold bars totalling 1 kilo (32.15 ounces) or more
.999 fine silver bars totalling 1,000 ounces or more
.9995 fine platinum bars totalling 25 ounces or more
.9995 fine palladium bars totalling 100 ounces or more
1-ounce gold Maple Leaf, gold Kruggerrand, or gold Mexican Onza of 25 coins of one type
US 90% silver coins totalling $10,000 face (though some dealers report $1,000 face)

You might wonder why sales of these specific objects are reportable. These reporting requirements are related to the regulations that require brokers to report all proceeds from stock and commodity transactions. These specific objects are currently traded or used to be traded on commodity exchanges.

Form 1099-B reporting requirements do not apply to any other coins. They do not apply at all to American Gold Eagles, American Buffalo, Austrian, Australian, Chinese or any fractional bullion gold coins. And they apply only if you sell at least the minimum quantity that is equal to the quantity of a commodity contract for the object.

Thus, most bullion coins (like most other gold coins) are non-reportable upon sale. Coin dealers sometimes promote pre-1933 coins as so-called non-reportable numismatic coins, implying that bullion gold coin purchases as well as sales are reportable. This is false. Only your sales are reportable, and then only of the objects and in the minimum quantities listed above. At the time you sell (if you are concerned about it), you should verify the regulations with your accountant, since they may have grown, changed or taken flight.

The notorious Form 1099 reporting in the 2010 health care law

Effective January 1, 2012 (unless repealed or amended), the 2010 health care law requires reporting on Form 1099s of all customer sales to coin dealers totalling $600 or more in a year. This statute applies to proceeds paid by any business for everything from office supplies to automobiles, not just your resale to a dealer of your gold coins. Its purpose is to facilitate enforcement of Federal income tax laws, specifically to collect more taxes from businesses, and to support the Obama Administration claim that the health care law will not expand the deficit.

There are many small businesses that object to this law on the grounds that it places a burden on them to keep track of their purchases. If aggregate purchases from a given supplier reach $600, they must report the payments to the vendor and IRS on a Form 1099. In addition, they will have to request a Tax ID number from every vendor.

Coin dealers who buy back gold coins from customers will apparently have to report the purchases to the IRS. A consequence of this law will be to drive some gold buying and selling business to non-US dealers, just as the threat of gold confiscation drives physical gold storage to non-US depositories and generally depresses legitimate gold-buying activity.

As a former bullion dealer Jerry White has bought and sold millions of ounces of precious metals. Gold and silver offer opportunities for profit and safety not available with any other investment. He recently published a precious metals investor's guide, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today, to help investors avoid pitfalls and choose appropriate forms of gold to meet their goals.

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Forex Autopilot robot review. Is Forex Autopilot just more garbage 0

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There has been a lot of hype about this new Forex Autopilot robot by Marcus Leary.

There are many positive reviews around but most of them come from Forex Autopilot affiliates.

I got the chance to review FAPS two weeks before it was launched.

Here are my results:

You will find 3 independent advisors inside the package and to be honest there was no difference in their performance.

It seemed to be exactly the same algorithm for all of them. I think Marcus Leary has included all of them just to increase Forex Autopilot price.


Let's start with installation process. This part wasn't easy at all and I had to spend whole afternoon to set it up.

User manual was really poor and I had the feeling that Marcus have put all his efforts in writing sales copy instead of making the software user friendly.

The same very evening I started using EA advisors and the results were nothing spectacular.

I gained 21 pips my first nigh using my demo account.
The second trade wasn't so successful. Same thing with the third one.

I decided to contact Marcus and asked him to set everything up for me.

He really wanted me to give a positive review of his Forex Autopilot, so he fixed everything for me the same very day.

My fourth and fifth trades were successful ones.

Since than I have made over 80 successful trades. 7 were losers.

So my Forex Autopilot robot review is: "It is not scam, it does work".


It is really difficult to set everything up if you are not an experienced programmer.

Forex Autopilot manual is poor. I talked about it with Marcus, but as far as I know nothing has changed so far.

There is one Forex Autopilot resource I would like to recommend you.
It is by Nick Webber.
Nick is a Forex specialist and he prepared a special package
for all FAPS buyers.

He offers a free manual and installation videos that are not available anywhere else.

He's made a deal with Marcus Leary and he offers Forex Autopilot for $79. The best price on the net.

I hope you have found my FAPS review useful.

Good luck with your trades.

Michael Kroop is a Forex passionate and a full time trader.

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Gold Fever Canada, Abitibi Greenstone Belt 0

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The Canadian Fort Knox that went Undiscovered for Centuries

A newly discovered region in Eastern Canada has already yielded more gold than in Fort Knox... over 160 million ounces.

The gold - worth US$192 billion today - was discovered as part of a massive geologic occurrence that straddles Ontario and Quebec.

This region is getting more attention than ever from investors because of its excellent infrastructure, safety, low development costs, and great history of high-grade, multi-million ounce gold discoveries.

It's called the...

Abitibi Greenstone Belt

The Abitibi Greenstone Belt is one the largest greenstone belts in the world. These geologic bodies are considered prime hunting grounds for large mineral deposits of metals including gold, silver, copper, and zinc.

The Abitibi Belt is one of a handful of major mineral regions that extends from the great gold discoveries of Alaska to Greenland, where my colleague Ian Cooper is getting a piece of the country's $273 billion worth of rare earth elements. The Abitibi has already been proved to host significant deposits of gold. In total, the Abitibi Greenstone Belt has generated over 160 million ounces of gold. The two largest mining camps account for almost 100 million of those ounces: Timmins and Kirkland Lake.

Timmins Camp

This is where it all got started...

Early prospectors first found small amounts of gold in what is now the city of Timmins in the late 19th century. But it wasn't until 1909 that significant gold deposits were found by geologists who came to the area.

That year marked a milestone in Canadian mining history with the discovery of three large gold mines in the Timmins camp that were found within a few miles of each other: Dome, Hollinger, and MacIntyre.

Since gold was first mined in 1910, the Timmins region has produced more than 68 million ounces of gold. This makes Timmins one of the richest gold districts in the world.

Kirkland Lake Camp

The Timmins discoveries inspired other hungry prospectors to explore the nearby Kirkland Lake. There, they also found significant gold deposits - and as a result, seven producing gold mines sustained a mining center for over 50 years.

A total of 24 million ounces of gold has been produced from the Kirkland Lake area since the original discoveries.

While the Timmins and Kirkland Lake mining camps are the biggest areas of discovery thus far, there are many other large gold camps that dot the Abitibi Greenstone Belt. Other noted regions within the Abitibi include:

* the Cadillac Gold Camp (12 million ounces of gold production),
* Virginatown (8 million ounces of gold production),
* the Rouyn-Noranda Gold Camp (15 million ounces of gold production), and
* the Val-D'Or Gold Camp (15 million ounces of gold production).

Some of the larger mining camps also have sizable zinc, copper, and silver deposits. In total, the Abitibi Greenstone Belt has yielded over 35 billion pounds of zinc, 15 billion pounds of copper, and 400 million ounces of silver.

The original gold discoveries in these mining camps were found by simply spotting mineralization on or just below the surface.

Today, the next generation of gold discoverers is using more advanced exploration concepts, techniques, and technologies designed to detect deeper deposits. Here are two gold companies that are leading the way...

Abitibi Gold Stocks
Lake Shore Gold (TSX: LSG)
Shares Outstanding: 214M Market Cap: $855M

Lake Shore Gold is an emerging gold producer primarily focused on gold camps in the Abitibi Belt and in the western greenstone belts in the northwest of Ontario and western Qu?bec.

A few weeks ago, the company closed a deal to acquire West Timmins Mining (TSX: WTM) with the goal of creating the a new large-scale, wholly-owned Timmins West Gold Mine Complex, covering 130 square kilometers on the western Timmins mining trend.

Lake Shore Gold's first mining operation and flagship asset is the Timmins Mine. The Timmins Mine is expected to produce 30,000 ounces of gold this year.

The company is also working to quickly bring its Abitibi-located Bell Creek and Thunder Creek properties online. Lake Shore Gold is targeting annual production of 200,000 ounces of gold by 2011, with a projected production cost of $320 an ounce.
Kirkland Lake Gold (TSX: KGI)
Shares Outstanding: 59M Market Cap: $630M

Kirkland Lake Gold is a Canadian gold mining company that owns and operates five major gold operations in the Southern Abitibi Greenstone Belt of Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

These properties have historically produced approximately 22 million ounces of gold and extend over seven kilometers. Today they are being developed and explored under one owner.

Quarterly production has dropped off below 20,000 ounces, but company revenue achieved $22.5 million in during the company's first 2010 fiscal quarter.


I believe that a gold discovery in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt is more likely to be developed into a mine because of the surrounding infrastructure, geopolitical safety of Eastern Canada, and low development costs.

For investors, this could mean a higher chance of success when investing in gold companies with exposure to the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.

Until next time,

Greg McCoach
Investment Director, Mining Speculator and Insider Alert
Editor, Wealth Daily

This article was originally found here: Gold Fever: Canada's Abitibi Greenstone Belt

Greg McCoach is an entrepreneur, who has successfully started and run several businesses the past 22 years. For the last 7 of these years he has been involved with the precious metals industry as a bullion dealer, investor, and newsletter writer.

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TradeKing Review 2010 - Is TradeKing still the best internet stock broker out there? 0

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Welcome to my TradeKing Review. There was a time the place securities were quite a bit harder to get your fingers on.

I won't offer you a historical past lesson here however the point of the story is that is not the case!

Because of new discount brokerage companies and the know-how enhancements now we have seen, the price of buying and selling has significantly been reduced. They began up in 2005 with the purpose of providing inventory trades on the lowest potential price. They provide shares, bonds and other mutual funds, all on their hi-tech web site at an important low price.

Getting a TradeKing Account

Getting an account is straightforward simply: signup at TradeKing now. Ensure you fill out the shape correctly. Then fund your account by the assorted strategies they offer and begin trading!
TradeKing Benefits

Surely the best benefit of TradeKing is the fantastically low fees they charge. Compared to other brokers, they're exceptionally cheap. For instance, TD Ameritrade charge $10.ninety nine.

At this level you probably suppose there is some form of catch though proper?

No Account Minimums

Not like Zecco who require you to open an account with $25,000 to be able to qualify for free trades, TradeKing don't have any minimum balance. Now for the majority of people this is a huge benefit over other brokers.

Customer Care

I consider that TradeKing satisfaction themselves on their buyer care. They've been voted the very best for customer service numerous times. Amongst their customer service amenities they provide: Reside chat online.A 24 Hour Reply e mail service Easily accessible Cellphone numbers and e-mail addresses
Usually I discovered that the e-mail, cellphone and online chat amenities have been highly effective. Their response occasions were very spectacular indeed, typically exceeding what they were initially quoting. One e-mail I sent was responded to within 2 minutes!

Community Features

This part is nice! I love the social part of TradeKing - there's a really good group over on the site, with energetic forums, blogs and a characteristic that allows you to see whos trading the best. This is great for discussing trading concepts, scorching stocks and the tendencies out there at the time.

The Disadvantages

Whereas I used to be quite impressed with the research tools which can be accessible, there could be more. Some sites similar to Scottrade have barely better tools obtainable for portfolio planning. Although what Tradeking does have is a great choices device for anybody concerned about buying and selling options.
Additionally they don't offer any forex trading which for some may very well be a disadvantage although I personally wouldn't really helpful moving into foreign exchange until you might be really sure of what you might be doing!

I hope this TradeKing Review has been helpful. They're not often crushed on worth unless you propose on having tens of thousands in your account, and even then I still assume that the amenities are higher on the TradeKing website than many others. Compared to Zecco I believe Tradeking wins palms down. Charges may be very irritating as they put on away slim profit margins and working on a platform that will by no means price more than $10 to buy and promote is a great feature. I would recommend anyone to sign up to Tradeking simply to get entry to the neighborhood there! It has such an unlimited provide of data that isn't paralleled anyplace else.

Have a look at these articles as well -
a href="$4.95-Trades,-But-What-Else-Do-You-Get?&id=3964997">TradeKing Review 2010

Writer and blogger based mostly in London, I like to blog about my hobbies and passions!

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The Anatomy of a Contemporary Pyramid Scheme In The New Iraqi Dinar American Greed Ponzi Fraud 0

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A very strange Ponzi scheme is evolving in the United States regarding a small, instable currency called the (New) Iraqi Dinar. Fraudulent businesses dealing in the currency have popped up on the internet operating in a way analogous to the Bucket Shops that helped precipitate the 1929 stock market collapse that led into the Great Depression.

To understand this scam you have to understand foreign currency markets. The FX (Forex) market is an out-growth of commercial banking where importers and exporters are assisted by very large bank FX brokers. The market for foreign exchange is the largest financial market in the world, open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day with daily spot and forward contract volume estimated at $1.88 trillion dollars per day according to the 2004 triennial central bank survey.

But, here's the problem. The New Iraq Dinar is virtually not trading in this massive Forex interbank market because of the instability of civil war, the American military occupation, and prior embargoes all of which have made significant export-import transactions impossible.

In short the Iraqi economy is effectively sequestered from the rest of the world!


There is a very small, insignificant exchange market in each foreign currency in which small foreign national banks operate that allows tourists to exchange tiny amounts of currency when in Iraq that is NOT the Forex inter-bank market. It operates semi autonomously within local national banks where people get exchange for small personal purchases when in Iraq. This is where all the New Dinar trading is occurring. Without the necessary liquidity of the interbank market the New Iraqi Dinar has a miniscule float that is extremely volatile to this U.S. currency Ponzi scheme.

Central banks abhor excessive speculative exchange rate volatility because it confounds the process of economic policy implementation through supply intervention (e.g. the U.S. Federal Reserve affects supply and demand through its discount window). With no depth, breadth, or width in a New Iraqi Dinar inter-bank Forex market, combined with the majority of currency floating overseas due to the New Iraq Dinar Ponzi scheme here in the U.S., this already economically uncertain government is facing a particularly difficult monetary situation where policy interventions are neutralized by this scam.

The Iraqi government DOES NOT want the price of the currency driven up violently by fraudulent speculation. THIS IS WHY THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT IS ISSUING WARNINGS! If pyramid scheme people were to drive up the price of the New Dinar it would inject artificial inflation into the already unstable Iraqi economy. At some point the government would be forced to throw in the towel and stem the inflation by RETIRING the New Iraqi Dinar and reissuing new currency.

In so doing anyone outside of Iraq holding the New Iraqi Dinar will be wiped out! A somewhat similar, though not identical, scenario played out in Brazil in its conversion from a military regime to a democracy that was initiated by President Jose Sarney in the late 1980s with his moratorium on external debt accumulated by the prior military command economy. Retirement of the currency was part of that plan and they had to do it various times!


Here in Puerto Rico there is an internet website that offers Iraqi Dinars. A local physician informed me that his colleagues in a local hospital have bought between 500,000 to 1 million New Iraqi Dinars. They received a rush message from another doctor friend in New York that claimed that Chase bank exchanges 1 Dinar for $1.89. This means, for instance, if a group of doctors bought $100 US worth of Dinars from the Puerto Rican Dinar pyramid operator for $120 that they'll get $189 US in return. If the Puerto Rico fraud operator claims were true they would receive a holding period return of 57.5%.
Two of the physician's doctor friends bought tickets to travel to New York to exchange their money with Chase Bank
This astute physician kept getting calls from his colleagues telling him to buy Dinars. But he felt that the "opportunity" was too good to be true suspecting that the local Puerto Rican Dinar dealer created the rumor to increase buying demand and ill-gotten profits.
He contacted Chase directly and spoke with 2 people asking very simply and clearly:
"Hello I am looking for information about exchanging Iraqi Dinar for American US Dollars." The second lady answered, "You need an account to receive that information"
The physician said, "I don't have an account yet but please help me get information as I am planning to open one soon."

She said, "Yes, Hold a Minute." After 5 minutes of silence on the line she came back saying, "OK what kind of information do you need " He asked, "How much do I get for 1,000,000 Iraq Dinars." She put him on hold again but this time she came back faster, " Sir, for 1 million Iraqi Dinars you will get $749,000 USD." The physician was unpleasantly surprised and asked, "Can you tell me that amount again, do you mean 'seven hundred forty nine thousand.'" She said, "Yes, that's what you will get for that amount of Dinars."

The physician was shocked and perplexed at the low amount he would receive for his Dinars. If he would have made the mistake of investing $120 with the Puerto Rico operator he would have received only $74.90 in return... a loss of $45.10 or -37.58%!


Exchange is quoted directly or indirectly. Directly means that it's from the U.S. perspective answering the question, "how many units of country X's currency do I get per U.S. dollar?" Indirect quotes answer the opposite question, "how many dollars do I get per unit of country X's currency?"

So, in this case the kind lady was telling him that the direct quote for the Iraqi Dinar is 0.7490 US dollars per Iraqi Dinar when you buy with US Dollars. Note that quotes are out to 4 decimal places. From this it is easy to calculate the indirect quote by taking the reciprocal. So, you would get 1.3351 Iraqi Dinar per U.S. dollar if you bought Dinars at the time I wrote this article.

This reciprocal relationship, simple as it is, between the direct and indirect quote confuses people. The Puerto Rico Dinar website is confusing people by claiming that the indirect quote (which they are inflating) is what people will get when they hold Dinars.

Also, the fact that this group of physicians had to really hunt to find a bank that would exchange Dinars is further evidence that there is no strong inter-bank market for the currency. When people come back from travel they often carry foreign currency in their wallets. For small, instable currencies only a very large bank like Chase will bother with the hassle of exchanging the currency.


An excellent movie every beginning investor should watch is "Boiler Room" where Ben Afleck is one of the stars. In the investment industry "rabbits" are certain people that are most conducive to suggestion through a good story as a smoke screen for a bad investment with a big cut for the promoter. A "rabbit" is someone who a dishonest investment operator can make a buck on fast. Rabbits are those people that know they are very intelligent because they are highly specialized in fields that required outstanding academic excellence to have entered highly competitive professional fields. When you combine smug intellectual arrogance with high income such people are also prone to remain quiet AFTER they have been conned.

The people that best fit this profile for investment "sucker plays" are physicians, CPAs, attorneys, and engineers. The movie Boiler Room portrays the process perfectly. My father was a very successful optometrist. I hold a highly regarded research Ph.D. in finance today and am a university finance professor specialized in leveraged investments because of all the con jobs I watched dad get suckered into as I silently watched as an ignored child during "opportunity" meetings.


At the beginning of any pyramid scheme everyone makes a return when the operation is small but eventually every fool is parted with his money!

The Wallet Doctor cuts through the bull in Futures, Forex, and Options. Join his Fun In The Sun Investment Club in Puerto Rico at

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What is a Private Placement Program or Managed Buy/Sell Trade Program 0

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As the current economy lacks in liquidity, more and more financiers are looking to fund commercial real estate and humanitarian projects via a financing/trading mechanism called Private Placement Program (also known as managed buy/sell trade program). These Private Placement Programs generally involve the purchase and sale of bank instruments such as medium term notes (MTNs), bank guarantees BGs), or treasury bills (T-bills). Each trade creates a margin of profit, and the volume of trades carried out on a weekly basis determines the overall return on investment of private placement programs.

The global economy benefits from these private placement platforms as the profits are put back into the economy, generate jobs, and go toward good causes. Finding a legitimate private placement program manager is close to impossible as these transactions are, as the term implies, private. Invitations are given only to those entities or individuals that meet certain compliance standards and can provide proof of their high net-worth individual status. After filing a client information sheet (CIS) which includes proof of funds, passport, and validation of clients assets, the trading platform undergoes due diligence and the screening process begins. Ultimately the contracts are signed at a table top meeting after full transparency of the program is made to the client.

The client/entity is used mainly as a 3rd party investor since it is illegal for financial institutions to invest their own money into private placement programs or managed buy/sell trade programs. Furthermore, the client will benefit from a no-risk source of funding since the traders involved draw upon their own line of credit off the clients asset/monies to enter trade. Lines of credit against the investor's funds are underwritten by the trade group through their own in-house credit facility. Reported historical returns vary from 5% up to 100% weekly for various amounts of times.

For more information regarding private placement programs, Wealth Management Services, asset investment management and financial wealth management please visit:

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Obama Unveils Economic Team, Plans 2009 Stimulus Package 0

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