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As the current economy lacks in liquidity, more and more financiers are looking to fund commercial real estate and humanitarian projects via a financing/trading mechanism called Private Placement Program (also known as managed buy/sell trade program). These Private Placement Programs generally involve the purchase and sale of bank instruments such as medium term notes (MTNs), bank guarantees BGs), or treasury bills (T-bills). Each trade creates a margin of profit, and the volume of trades carried out on a weekly basis determines the overall return on investment of private placement programs.

The global economy benefits from these private placement platforms as the profits are put back into the economy, generate jobs, and go toward good causes. Finding a legitimate private placement program manager is close to impossible as these transactions are, as the term implies, private. Invitations are given only to those entities or individuals that meet certain compliance standards and can provide proof of their high net-worth individual status. After filing a client information sheet (CIS) which includes proof of funds, passport, and validation of clients assets, the trading platform undergoes due diligence and the screening process begins. Ultimately the contracts are signed at a table top meeting after full transparency of the program is made to the client.

The client/entity is used mainly as a 3rd party investor since it is illegal for financial institutions to invest their own money into private placement programs or managed buy/sell trade programs. Furthermore, the client will benefit from a no-risk source of funding since the traders involved draw upon their own line of credit off the clients asset/monies to enter trade. Lines of credit against the investor's funds are underwritten by the trade group through their own in-house credit facility. Reported historical returns vary from 5% up to 100% weekly for various amounts of times.

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