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There has been a lot of hype about this new Forex Autopilot robot by Marcus Leary.

There are many positive reviews around but most of them come from Forex Autopilot affiliates.

I got the chance to review FAPS two weeks before it was launched.

Here are my results:

You will find 3 independent advisors inside the package and to be honest there was no difference in their performance.

It seemed to be exactly the same algorithm for all of them. I think Marcus Leary has included all of them just to increase Forex Autopilot price.


Let's start with installation process. This part wasn't easy at all and I had to spend whole afternoon to set it up.

User manual was really poor and I had the feeling that Marcus have put all his efforts in writing sales copy instead of making the software user friendly.

The same very evening I started using EA advisors and the results were nothing spectacular.

I gained 21 pips my first nigh using my demo account.
The second trade wasn't so successful. Same thing with the third one.

I decided to contact Marcus and asked him to set everything up for me.

He really wanted me to give a positive review of his Forex Autopilot, so he fixed everything for me the same very day.

My fourth and fifth trades were successful ones.

Since than I have made over 80 successful trades. 7 were losers.

So my Forex Autopilot robot review is: "It is not scam, it does work".


It is really difficult to set everything up if you are not an experienced programmer.

Forex Autopilot manual is poor. I talked about it with Marcus, but as far as I know nothing has changed so far.

There is one Forex Autopilot resource I would like to recommend you.
It is by Nick Webber.
Nick is a Forex specialist and he prepared a special package
for all FAPS buyers.

He offers a free manual and installation videos that are not available anywhere else.

He's made a deal with Marcus Leary and he offers Forex Autopilot for $79. The best price on the net.

I hope you have found my FAPS review useful.

Good luck with your trades.

Michael Kroop is a Forex passionate and a full time trader.

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