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It’s time for you to have credit card. Because credit card such as Visa & Mastercard can be considered as the medium of exchange most popular in this time after cash. It gives us great payment solutions. From some side, credit card is true can become 'benefactor appliance' which is exact at the time of us stay in the condition of emergency, like paying the expenses of car overhauling or hospital. Credit card also teaches us to be able to hold responsible and behave self-supporting to fund management. Sometime we don’t have enough time to process even a single card. But nowadays we can use internet credit card processor.

Even merely plastic rasher, credit card can make balmier life, use credit card as reserve fund, not in addition fund. Its intention is you may use facility from credit card only if/when you really need the fund. Take for an example; when you suddenly have to pay for the urgent expenses of hospital for the child and sudden need for money for your child school etc. So here your card function is as source of reserve fund which you can use at the moment you do not have fund.

More then that, by using credit card we can easily get a merchant account on website. But before you set mind on to take and use credit card, you need to really remember that credit card function is in the place of cash, not in cash addition. If you treat this card at the correct way, you will find very comfortable way of spend.

On that matter, I suggest you to have credit card. And remember, use the card wisely. Because credit card function is cash substitution, hence before utilizing it make sure that you ready for paying its invoice if that card invoice come. So, if this matter you can conduct, I sure credit card on your hand become appliance which is very assist to equip requirement of your monetary management. So what are you waiting for?

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