Dollar from FRIENDSTER? 3

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1. Feel familiar with FRIENDSTER?
Sure most of you will say yes
2. How long have you been a FRIENDSTER maniac?
You will answer “since ancient time” I guess
3. How many friends do you have at FRIENDSTER?
A very large number so you can’t count it.

B U T……

Do you got even a single DOLLAR from FRIENDSTER?
mmmmmmm.. what’s your answer? Surely you will say Now Way, right?

Here I come to you with GOOD NEWS guys!!
A "Social Network" site just like friendster that called MEGAMOMENTUM was launched recently. Imagine, HERE you can do your activities as you did at FRIENDSTER, the different is YOU WILL BE PAID for every friends join under you. Yup, Tell-a-Friend-System.

It's Time For You To Really Get Paid From Social Networking! Yes, do it now RIGHT HERE

3 Responses So Far:

setiawan said...

keuntungannya kira2 berapa mas dibanding google? salam kenal aja deh

internet and security said...

the first.
thxs ,the info give me spirit to blogging 4ever

Maus said...

thanks for info!
looking forward for this hehe
see u..

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