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According to the survey, women in Asia tend to want himself white. Skin whitening products is the best-selling products in Asia including in Indonesia. But because the products on the market did not yield an overall white, and not a few women tried injecting bleach. Readers of this blog too much to ask about the whitening injection.

Is Glutathione whitening injection has a serious impact on health? This is the fact that I found which occurred in Hong Kong.

Killer cosmetics consumer warning from council (Hong Kong)

Beginning in 2008 in Hong Kong, the Consumer Council (Consumer Council), the country began to push the government to tighten regulation of non-surgical cosmetic practice, because according to the findings in the field, proved fatal impact if not done correctly. Many people are hoping to have skin whiter and younger through various non-surgical treatment of this. One of them by doing these skin whitening injection.

According to the council, these innovative treatments including bleach, placenta extract, carbon dioxide injections and facelift using gold thread. As a category of cosmetic treatments, such praktik2 not under the Medical Registration Act Pharmacy and Poisons.

The main raw material in the liquid bleach is glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant to treat cancer and AIDS. According to the Health Department side effects glutathione namely nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and can be fatal if excessive. Other raw materials are Tranexamic acid, can cause liver damage if excessive. According to the law in Hong Kong, if the substance used in the 'Cosmetic injection,' including the skin injection is not a pharmaceutical product, such as glutathione, meaning it is illegal to use.

According to the Consumer Council, but it's not satu2nya perawatan2 gap in non-operating. Dermal fillers such as collagen are also not classified as medical efforts in Hong Kong but is intended only for administrative control.

Council has received five complaints during the past three years. One of them is a failure in the injection of collagen in the skin whitening injection to make the skin softer, while other cases were injected in the nose that makes your nose swell.

Indeed dangerous cosmetic treatments such as skin injection and other frightening events that are highlighted by the board with gold thread facelift by entering a golden thread to build a network under the skin. This treatment claims to be able to increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Last year the medical journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported there is a 40-year-old patient suffered pain in her face after doing this treatment three times as much. Radiograph found that the tissue under the skin disintegrating.

Currently there are no more treatment like that in Hong Kong, but local cosmetic centers can arrange for his client's treatment in South Korea. The Board has proposed regulations for non-surgical cosmetic treatments such. Dermal fillers are also recommended to be upgraded into a medical practice. The Board said the consumer should seek medical opinions and the risks before doing treatment.For save Glutathione, see here:

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whats the effect if glutha injected on the person who has a fever

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