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One of the things that we, as homeowners have to be always vigilant about is our safety. This does not just apply to being prepared against burglars and intruders but to mice infestation as well. As much as we prepare against thieves by installing anti burglary systems and perhaps video surveillance cameras and motion detector lights, we also need to prepare against house mice.

House mice are scavengers by nature and they are potential carriers of many diseases and if left untreated, could harm our family, and in the worse case scenario, this could be dangerous. History has shown that the bubonic plague, which devastated Europe in the middle ages were due to mice infestation. Mice droppings were ingested by people through their food and this in turn made them sick, and in most cases, killed thousands of people. Many cities were almost decimated because of this occurrence. History has taught us because of this tragedy how to protect ourselves against this. The need for cleaner surroundings and proper sanitation protocols were developed because of the black plague and we as a society found out just how deadly house mice and rats could be.

Here are some tips in protecting your home against such intruders:

- Clean your surroundings. By keeping your surroundings clean, especially in the kitchen, we prevent the chances of house mice from invading our dwellings. Make sure that the garbage is segregated and properly disposed of in an area far away from the kitchen. Try to also make sure that the garbage bags being used are sturdy. If unsure of the sturdiness of the garbage bags, double bag them.

- Listen for any sounds of mice in your home. You can hear them if they are in between your walls. They have that scratching sound which can be heard throughout the day. If you hear them, set up traps to lure them out and capture them. There are traps that are also non-lethal which you may want to use.

- Look at your walls and floors to see if there are any signs of mice. Look at the floors and the walls to see if there are any holes, or scratches. Mice will often make scratches in the floors or look at cracks in the walls or ceilings. If there is a serious infestation, better to call a professional exterminator to take care of the problem. In the long run, it may be better for your family for it prevents any unnecessary trip to the hospital for food poisoning due to ingestion of mice droppings.

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