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There are three things you need to look at and be a consideration in choosing a good health insurance, three important things are generally not all life/health insurance companies cover them, important things are ...

Most feared disease of all people today are CRITICAL ILLNESS, whether cardiac, cancer, tumors, stroke, etc.. The disease each year is increasing the number of patients, due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, and even because of obesity.

And according to a survey conducted by the WHO, 90% of people die earlier because critically ill. This means that only about 10% of people who die in natural conditions. Hmm .. very few aren't they ...
For this critical illness countless expensive at any price, if it's been hundreds of millions can be imagined ten, twenty and even thirty years later, it could be billions right? This we must look and see!

Check and check with your insurance agentthat offers:
1. Does having insurance protection for the critically ill?
2. How many different types of critical illnesses dicovernya?
3. If there is, check how much protection is reserved for critically ill and try to
You think and count again been given enough protection costs compared with the needs of those costs as incurred?This is important, because not all health insurance provides protection for the critically ill, some exist but have very little cash value, it does not help you!Do not forget to check and ask, usually good health insurance that will provide savings benefits for free when customers affected by critical illness.The question:"With that we run the pattern of life today, in the span of time 20-30 ahead, is there any chance we'll hit one of the critical illness?"

In addition to critically ill is still something else which is also a high level of risk such as illness or accident disability, total permanent disability and even allowing a person is not able to work anymore.If this happens on the client,Ask as much detail as possible whether conducted by the insurance company:
1.Expend protection costs, and close the policyholder (a breakup), or
2.Expend protection and cost savings benefits to its customers free until a certain age, and other ongoing protection.
My advice, choose the insurance that gives the option number 2, because we all know when someone is having total permanent disability, can not automatically do the work himself up as before, for some companies in Indonesia is a state of such employees will be given consideration for policy "early retirement" at the employee. You'll understand what I mean. Oh yeah do not forget to look for insurance that provides protection with a total permanent disability claim for direct pay is not "payable".

If you decide to have this protection, then you also have to count up to what age you will be protected, because of course the difference five years will be very important for you instead? Health insurance a good product that claims to have the longest period of protection, especially for critical illness benefits (up to 70-year-old customers).
Also look for health insurance that does not make reduction benefits / benefit if there is a claim from one of the critical illness or total permanent disability claim will be accepted if the beneficiary if the insured dies.
A good health insurance always puts the customer in a position "to win"
This means that any cost benefits (critical illness / total permanent disability) issued to its customers does not interfere with the cost of benefits (life) others, because many have a glimpse of insurance protection that cost is large, each reducing the cost of those benefits.
Ask for more details about the company's financial strength not only from the information agent / ads served but real accomplishments achieved by the company.
Do you already have health insurance benefits above? If not, you should be questioning the financial consultant (agent) of your health insurance.

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