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Exhaust makes great influence on engine power. A good muffler must have a design that can provide an appropriate back pressure in order to produce optimum engine power. Hence, many vehicle owners are trying to replace the standard exhaust with an aftermarket or racing with the aim to get more powerful cars. Here are some exhaust tips I wanna share.

Replacing the muffler is actually the first step in performance modifications, but if it is wrong in choosing the exhaust pipe can not produce a greater engine power, but quite the opposite, the exhaust will be a barrier aka the car's speed power cars will be reduced from the standard state.

In a simple muffler replacement or variations there are only two options. The first choice is the type of exhaust standard and the second is the type of racing. For that much more needs to be considered in selecting exhaust. These are that exhaust tips:

1. To replace the standard exhaust with an aftermarket in order to add energy to choose a muffler with a design in accordance with the general provisions of the flue gas channel. For manual transmission cars must be taken into consideration all parts of the flue gas channel, starting from the header, resonator and rear muffler. Besides choosing a set of pipes should also be noted that a good quality.

2. Choose a good groove pipe and round to the rest of the exhaust gas can flow smoothly.

3. For the variation should be in accordance with the taste. Size variations own exhaust which range from three inches, 3.5 inches and 4 inches. A good standard material usually made from stainless steel to make it more durable and not easily rust.

4. If you want to wear racing exhaust, headers are used also should be kept. In addition to selling also consult exhaust resonator and mufflers are used also supported. If you want one hundred percent no change, should lsaluran dump gas (exhaust system) directly replace the full one set only.

5. Special matic transmission car, you simply change the header only, because with this change of course performance will run your car directly matic deeply felt. Replacement is not exactly a very free flow system will in fact make the car's speed ngempos matic.

6. If you want to continue using the original manufacturer's exhaust pipe, it is time to consider more carefully your tailpipe. Does your exhaust pipe is still in good shape or even have seen no rust and leak. If ya do repairs immediately, there are two solutions regarding this. If it's such a leak is not severe and can still be patched it enough just patched or welded. But if you have severe exhaust leak should be immediately replaced. Suggested materials for this type of material should be the standard exhaust Galvanic.

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