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Its truly my friend's experiences about drinking coca-cola and
pepsi for along time. he himself 32 by now. he's been consuming those
beverages since he was 20. but unfortunately something bad happened in
him lately.
it's about stomachache that attacks him time after time. and after
couple of doctor attendances he was really surprised by a fact of his
digestive track's trouble maker. guess what!! coca-cola and pepsi.

by a few smalls demonstration, the doctor show him how "good" are the
drinks taking several unbelievable jobs...
Take a look!
1.coca cola can be used to clean up the toilet. by pouring it into,
wait for an hour.. abracadabra! citric acid in the drinks will make your
porcelain glitter!
2.To clean the car carburettor:
Mixed a tin of Coca-Cola in the carburettor.
Heat the machine 15-30 minutes.
Cool down the machine, after
that let the water flow from the carburettor.
You will see rusts away with this water.
3.To eliminate the rust blank from Chromed bumper's car:
Rub the bumper with the alumunium foil clump that
was soaked in Coca-Cola.
4.To cleanse corrosion of the terminal of the car battery:
Poured a tin of Coca-Cola on the battery terminal to
clean it.
5. To eliminate fat stains from clothes:
Poured a tin of Coca-Cola in the heap of fat stained clothes
, add the detergent, and steer with the normal round.
Coca-cola/Pepsi will help you to eliminated the fat stain.
6.Coca-Cola also clean the fog on our car windscreen

Drink Coca-Cola/Pepsi! we will pay more for that.

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