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Indonesia currently experiences a dilemma condition about the
determination of former second president of the country Suharto status
before the law. The situation precisely increasing to heated up when
the defendant was a rust pick up the hour of death.
Along his almost a month of Suharto's hospitalization, president
Yudoyono and the supreme court were involved in the difference of the opinion
about the solution. the supreme court insisted on win win solution on Suharto's cases, in other hand Yudoyono not agree with that.

unfortunately he continues not to give the solution on the basis of ethic, was
waiting until Suharto's health getting better. Although Suharto died,
so all the mistakes of the former leader in the Indonesian new era will
be forgiven.
The interesting matter that ought to be paid close attention to was
the reality that a year to come Indonesia will face the general
presidential and legislative election that will attract a huge political
interests of so many political parties. The party's dignitaries began to do
the lobbies to get the sling donation partner. As everyone knew,
Suharto's family was the holder of the big wealth in Indonesia. Not doubtful
Suharto's children became the political party's target to be recruited
as the campaign investor next year.
Hey, Suharto is dying.. Not the status of his law that be main
attention, but his abandoned wealth to be struggled..what an ironic!!

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