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In recent years, Allstate Auto Insurance has taken on a aggressive ad campaign to make sure that it?s customers know of it?s high level of customer service and it?s attention to the details of your life so your Allstate Auto agent can assist you in providing the best coverage for your family in the event of a mishap or disaster. In addition to the basic no-fault and collision policies, all of which have variables in coverage and deductible amounts to reduce premium costs, Allstate Auto Insurance provides four levels of insurance availability to their customers:

The Allstate Platinum Package features accident forgiveness which preserves your low premium rate even if the accident is your fault, the package also offers a safe driving bonus equal to 5% of your premium in the form of a refund check for every 6 months that you remain accident free. Other benefits include deductible rewards which provide a $100 deductible discount every year that you are insured through Allstate up to $500, and optional new car replacement which may replace your vehicle with a brand new car if your new car is involved in an accident resulting in a total loss within the first 3 years of coverage ? there is no car value reduction for depreciation with the Allstate Platinum Package.

The Allstate Gold Package features many of the same attributes as the more costly Allstate Platinum Package, including accident forgiveness, deductible discount, and vehicle replacement.

The Allstate Standard Policy offers premium rates to policyholders who display safe driving practices and accident forgiveness after 5 years of policy holding without a collision claim for eligible customers.

The Allstate Value Policy is a basic policy which provides the lowest levels of premium rates and features the ability to allow you to pay your premiums by automated transaction.

Allstate also provides discount options to its members by offering two levels of safe driver discounts, for those who are accident-free and have no moving violations for three and for five years, as well as offering premium discounts to senior citizens, 55 and over, who have successfully taken a defensive driving course.

As it strives to make its values known to its potential customers, providing the level of service and protection required for the specific state of each policyholders life, Allstate Auto Insurance agents and customer service professionals have the desire and ability to customize your auto insurance policy to meet your coverage and financial needs.

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