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If you are aged above 50 and are planning to purchase a car, you must consider certain things that will help you in the long run. Firstly, purchase a second hand, low profile vehicle but it should be in a good condition. You must consider just few years old vehicle and not several years old too. This will help you save on policy rates in comparision to a high profile new vehicle.

Secondly, ask your agents for a senior citizen discounts. Drivers above 50 years of age are considered low risk candidates by an Insurance company. This is because, they drive slowly in comparision to drivers of 25 years of age. Hence, they need not shell out a lot of compensation for accidents which is rarely to occur due to slow driving.

If you have two or more vehicles at home, insure them under a single policy. It could be your recreational vehicle, trailers, or your car under one policy. You can also get your life insurance and other policies from the same company instead of opting for several other firms for different policies.

Get an anti theft alarm system, anti lock brake, seat belts which are automatic or an immobiliser installed. This will provide enough of assurance to company that he will not have to pay any compensation for theft cases as there is an anti theft alarm already installed.

You don't require a collision or comprehensive coverage for an old vehicle. You can try and avoid certain coverage which may not be required for an old vehicle. These are some strategies to bring down your policy rates. You must carry out some research online and talk to a licensed agent who can help you with your policy decision making!

These coverages may not be required for a low profile vehicle and it is not worth it because any claim you make probably won't exceed the cost of the insurance and the deductible amount.

There are many different insurance companies, and all of them evaluate applicants according to different criteria ratings. As a result, you will very likely get 6 different quotes from 6 different companies. So shop around and don't settle until you are happy. Prices vary greatly and due to a world of competition, it is very likely you may be able to get your insurance much cheaper with one company than another. So, take the time to do your homework and shop around.

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